When Sacred Meets Secular (CD in a Sleeve)


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Introducing When Sacred Meets Secular—the fifth solo album from the artist known as The Ambassador. The title very well may be a venture onto thin ice since it dares to make a distinction between something that is being considered “sacred” and something else that is being considered “secular.” Often sacred and secular are thought of primarily in terms of the inevitable conflicts that emerge when they face-off. However this album is about an encounter, an opportunity, and a hopeful one at that.

When sacred meets secular a divinely rigged intersection ensues between two entities marked by their distinctly diverging perspectives, passions, and purposes. They both actually share a common ground because they both exist as part of the one creation made by and for the one Creator. The surprising implication of this is that strictly speaking the two are not actually divided. However, especially in light of the way these two are generally understood, their distinct differences could not be starker.

Each is known to push an agenda, and both try to out-influence the other. When the sacred and secular meet they present their views and ideas, their core values and chief affections, their passions and deep loves. On full display is usually what amounts to competing visions of what they deem to be most display-worthy (glorious). The sacred is marked by its core conviction that God not only is, but also must be rightly related to not as a peripheral accessory, but a supremely central and pervasive reality. Conversely the secular is marked by the antithesis. So what happens when sacred meets secular is either coalescence or conflict, but never neutrality or gridlock.

Enormous potential exists when God’s choice instruments intersect with the secular. God has determined to spread his fame throughout “every square inch” of his world, and he has set apart “a people” and “a way” to do that. Therefore the Ambassador sets out to demonstrate his advocacy and ambassadorial appeal on behalf of the King (2 Cor 5:20). The Ambassador both defends the nobility of the mission, and demonstrates the grace given him to participate in it. Join with The Ambassador in modeling, proclaiming, and reveling in what the good news of Jesus Christ can do When Sacred Meets Secular.

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